Monday, February 11, 2013

Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas

Jack and Jill bathrooms are great way to keep a shared bathroom private from the public in your home. For those of you who don't know a Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom that is connected to two bedrooms and usually have a double vanity.
For the basement I am currently working on finishing my client wants to have a Jack and Jill bathroom. He doesn't want any of his house guests to have access to this bathroom so this is a perfect fit. We will connect the bathroom through both the walk in closets between the two bedrooms. Doing this will make it off limits to any guests. There will be a separate room for the toilet and a separate room for the shower. This way more than one person may use the bathroom at a time. There will be a double vanity and a linen closet. We will attach the laundry room to the bathroom due to it only being used by those living downstairs.
Here are some concept photos that I would like to be able to apply in this space. I definitely want to use Marazzi Tiles on the bathroom walls and possibly the flooring.

 This is a nice layout and have sliding doors on each side, 1 possibility…the best bathroom lighting is lighting on the sides of the mirrors. This form of lighting in the picture causes too much shadow.
I very much like the white cabinets in the bathroom and like the idea of having the shower door shown. The shower door would need to have either a sliding door over it or a door that you can not see through.
This is a very nice layout as well. I could easily do something like this and make the toilet on the left close off with a door and the shower on the right close off with a door.
This lighting is perfect for the bathroom and I like the mirrors very big but each side has their own.
I like the storage idea on this photo for the Jack and Jill bath. I would add another shelf and a drawer below the shelf with the towels.
 I really like the storage in the bathroom and gives everyone their own privacy even if multiple people are using the bathroom. This makes it so we don't need to add in an additional linen closet.
I love this tile layout in the bathroom and it would look great with the Marazzi Tile Shown below 
I like the door shown here to hide the toilet. It is just a sliding door but adds to the decor of the room. Also with how many rooms we need to put in this bathroom the sliding door takes up less space.
We will put a stackable washer and dryer in the bathroom. I like this layout because it just will fit into the empty nook in the space.
This is another way to add the washer and dryer into the space.
 Doors like this would work to close the walk in shower off from anyone else using the bathroom. It gives complete privacy and can be locked.

For tile I really like the color combination above for the floor and wall but in 18"x36"

Energy Star Wall Sconce would look great to add additional lighting to the recessed in the bathroom.


  1. Yep, I've always pictured a bathroom similar to that a lot of times. It's kind of nice to have it when you're in a committed relationship with someone and you both have careers do go along with it. Anyway, excellent bathroom design.

  2. I love all of those ideas :) I always wanted a Jack and Jill bathroom when my kids were growing up.