Monday, March 4, 2013

No Sew Home Decor Projects

1. Stretch fabric for DIY wall art. If you have a piece of fabric that begs to be hung as art, it's easy to make it happen. Pick up canvas stretchers or a blank canvas at an art store, and use a staple gun to attach your fabric.
2. Customize curtains with ribbon trim.Update a plain set of curtains with colorful ribbon trim. Use a hot-glue gun or permanent fabric glue to attach the ribbon, being sure to smooth out lumps before the glue dries.
3. Make over a dresser with decoupage.You can use anything from fabric to gift wrap or wallpaper scraps to transform a boring old chest of drawers into a unique statement piece. All you need is the fabric or paper of your choice, and a bottle of decoupage glue. 
4. Whip up burlap curtains. You can turn rustic and refreshingly inexpensive burlap into a pair of chic curtains by simply ironing in hems with fusible tape. Pop-in grommets (available at most well-stocked fabric stores) on top create a finished look that takes the look a step beyond basic.
5. Create balloon-style shades from fitted sheets. This ingenious project from the bookLiving in a Nutshell uses twin-size bedsheets to create quick and easy balloon shades.
6. Re-cover a table with oilcloth. Take a cue from the home of Yvonne Eijkenduijn and bring cheer to a plain tabletop with patterned oilcloth. Cut the oilcloth to fit your table, allowing plenty of overhang, then use a staple gun to attach the fabric.
7. Make an easy-clean kids' crafts table.Have a scrap of oilcloth left over from covering your big table? Use it to make an ideal easy-clean surface for a pint-size child's table. 
10. Make your own upholstered headboard. Feeling ambitious? Make your own fabric-covered headboard. This project doesn't require sewing, but you will need to know your way around a saw. 

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