Monday, December 31, 2012

It's As Simple as Pillows

Throw pillows are so much fun! They most certainly add decor to your home and a splash of color. I love throw pillows. My mom made me an owl quilted pillow and I just love it! It sits on our leather sectional couch and really adds a lot of color to the black background. I want to find some very nice accent pillows to complete my "owl" pillow now and add much needed color. Here our some pillows that I have found, not necessarily for me, and love. Tell me how you design with your favorite throw pillows.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Break

For Christmas my husband, Mike, and I went to Rocklin, CA to visit my parents. We had a lot of fun! My favorite part of the trip would be when we went to San Francisco for a few days. I definitely realized that I am a city person and would like to be able to live in a place like San Francisco or New York or Chicago. There is always something to do and the city is just so beautiful. One of the things we did in San Francisco was going to Alcatraz. The Island was covered with gorgeous flowers, trees and just so much more greenery. 
There were some crazy decked out houses in Rocklin. Some of them had lights that would dance to music. It was a lot of fun!
This was the neighbors house lol
Mike and I

This is my favorite flower!

Christmas Tree on the Pier
The architecture in San Francisco is just so beautiful, I had to take a picture of the doors

Christmas Tree in Ghiradelli Square

China Town
The Pyramid Building
 This was really pretty with the city view and the rainbow

My mom and I
Picked up some yummy treats at the Farmer's Market on Pier 1 1/2
Dad and Mom, We were enjoying Italian Pizza in Little Italy. Mike served his mission in Rome, Italy and wanted to stop here because he misses the Naples Pizza. :)

The whole ride home was snowing. We were in our Chevy Prizm and had chains on most of the time taking I-80 home. It took us a full 20 hours of driving to get home!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Caviar Lighting Collection

The other day I was browsing some light fixtures for a dining room when I came upon the Caviar Light. This light is very unique and gorgeous. In case you haven't been able to tell I have a thing for lighting. Laura Kirar is the designer for these beautiful lights that are made for the Arteriors Home. Having the effect of soft, floating bubble, these lovely pieces combine ethereal light with elegance, offering a variety of applications for both residential and commercial spaces. Take a look at these fascinating lights and see what you think of them. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Master Bath Remodel in Sugar House

Once again I have been working with Mark Smith in Sugar House, part of Salt Lake City, UT. He loved the kitchen I put together so much that he wanted his master bath done too. We talked about what he would like in his bathroom and would like it to be a place where he can be calm and relaxed like a spa. With this idea in mind I decided to give Mark a very Organic and Natural bathroom. The shower is a walk in shower. The floor is made up of pebble tiles while the wall is of porcelain tile with glass blue tiles placed throughout. We wanted his shower to be a "under the waterfall" type of style. We put a few shower heads in the shower for this tropical idea. The bathtub is placed in the corner and is surrounded by the same pebble tiles we used for the shower floor to give it a "spring" effect. The flooring of the rest of the bathroom is made up of an espresso bamboo. The wall colors, not listed, will be of a very light grey with some brown hints of color in it. The cabinetry will also be of a dark bamboo and the counter top from the Cambria Quartz product. Above the counter tops we have used the green glass tile as an accent stripe right above the counter and placed two large mirrors against the same wall. We kept the toilet, sink and tub all of the grey color seen on the toilet and the faucets are all of a heavy brushed nickel. With Mark still wanted to keep that modern feel throughout the house we chose bathroom products from Kohler such as toilet, faucets, sinks, etc. We chose this particular lighting again to keep this room with a modern touch. The dark colors definitely make this seem like a bachelor's bath which is perfect for Mark. He was very happy with the bathroom design.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Living Room Inspiration

I found a website called ModernThrive, they sell all sorts of 60's modern furniture. It inspired me to create this board. Tell me what you think? The darker wood color from the entertainment center would be the same stain for all the wood furniture throughout the room. The wall that the fireplace is against is covered in the Geometric Tile. The dark wood is for the flooring and the main paint of the room is the light grey with and accent of the dark turquoise.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012