Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is changing to show how we spend our time at home. It is no longer just functional but is now a place to sit down and eat with your family and entertain. With this economy more people are dining in and need their kitchen to be able to serve their new needs.

*Colors: The colors for 2013 are going to be a more natural, light, organic look. White cabinets will take the lead and a natural light colored stone for the counters, whether it be granite, marble or quartz. We are also going to be seeing more wood flooring and keeping it "green" with bamboo or even cork floors. Grey is also a trending color for the kitchen this upcoming year.

*LED lighting is becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is not just that it is energy efficient but because it involves integration making it more fundamental then functional and can carry the same flow through the household.

*Appliance: Most appliances are going to be integrated,  hidden by the cabinets panels or kept in a stainless steel.

*Backsplashes are now being made out of glass panels. They offer a simple clean look and make it easy to maintain. You can light up the backsplash with LED lighting or add splash of color to the glass.

*Making your kitchen social: With most families eating in you need to make space in your kitchen for sitting down to eat and gathering. Add an island to your kitchen or at the end of the bar have a built in table for eating in.

***images from Houzz

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