Thursday, December 20, 2012

3Form Material Solutions

My oh my! I found this company located in Salt Lake City and immediately fell in love. They do a lot with glass and resins making anything and everything. The beauty of their products is unreal. They have many different products in their lineup. One of them is Varia Ecoresin which is, a dynamic translucent resin panel. Choosing the right color, patter, texture, interlayer and finish to make your space pop with intrigue. Another, my personal favorite, is the Chroma series. This is made from 30% recycled content and is a bold solid surface that is saturated with luminous color, ideal for horizontal applications. They also have 100 percent, pressed glass, koda XT, stone and struttura. These products are fresh and really give your design that personality you have been seeking out. I love this company and will use them on all of my future designs. Not only is it brilliant but its is very eco-friendly. 
 This company can do beautiful ceiling hangings to add the extra texture and design to any room.
 The resined glass on the bathroom door, don't worry it's not see through ;)
 The textured trim along the island.
Makes up the shower walls and seating in this room. 

 They used 3form product on the staircase wall and added lighting behind it, the lighting does change colors. 

Textured wall
 3form customizes lighting!
I believe this is their stone product on the desk

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