Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shower Tile

Yes I am talking about tile once again. There is just so much to say in regards to tile. This time however we want to cover the top ten things you want to consider when placing in your shower. 

The first one is that you want to use smaller tiles when working with curves. If you are wanting a bench in your shower go with a smaller tile on the bench.

For the main seating area on your shower bench plan on using a slab or tile with a bull nose edge and the sharp edge of tile may not feel to comfortable on your legs. 

Be careful when you are selecting mosaic tiles. You want to select ones that will have more than 95% contact from the tile to the wall. You don't want to trust the tile on a sheet of glue.

Try using smaller colored glass tile over large clear glass tiles. When you use the large clear glass tile it will start to look as if the moisture is trapped behind it.

Use a second tile choice to make a featured wall in your bathroom. This will be great and really add some character to your bathroom.

Use a smaller ceiling when building a arced ceiling in your shower. Some of the steam showers require having a sloped ceiling. 

Consider universal design. Using a large tile that all goes in the same way can be a great way to keep your bathroom in style. 

Keep cleaning in mind. If you are not wanting to clean much use porcelain tiles and large pieces of it for an easy clean.

Use your main tile to frame a second tile. Doing this is great if your main tile is not slip resistant.

Use smaller tiles for better traction

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