Friday, February 1, 2013

Bedroom Focal Point

Modern Bedroom Update: Add a Drapery Focal Wall

Floor-to-ceiling draperies add height, drama and a stylish, modern look to any bedroom.

Materials Needed:

  • ceiling-mount drapery track
  • floor-to-ceiling drapery panels
  • drapery hooks
  • track sliders
  • drill
  • drywall screws
  • tape measure
  • pencil and notepad
  • marker
  • ladder
  • hack saw
  • fabric steamer

Determine Dimensions and Cut Track

Use tape measure to determine length of wall behind bed; jot dimensions down in notepad with pencil.

Cut Drapery Track

Referring to dimensions on notepad, mark drapery track to size with marker, then cut using hack saw. To ensure a perfect fit, cut track approximately 1/4-inch shorter than measurement.

Attach Track Sliders

With the help of a friend, hold track up then insert track sliders into grooves. Keep in mind there should be one track slider for every drapery hook.

Install Drapery Track

Use ladder to reach proper installation height. Press track up against ceiling, then attach by drilling drywall screws through pre-drilled holes and into ceiling joists.

Attach Drapery Hooks
Attach drapery panels to track by inserting hooks into back of pleats.

Hang Drapery Panels
Slide hooks into holes in each corresponding track slider. Once panels are installed, use fabric steamer to remove wrinkles.

****courtesy of HGTV

This would be great to do in any bedroom or if you are renting and unable to paint. Adding curtains as "wallpaper" adds that extra pop of color that so many apartments are in desperate need of. You can also find all of the materials such as the curtain track and fabric at IKEA. They have a great selection of heavy duty fabric that I have used before for drapes. 

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