Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo Concepts to Draper Basement

Tom and Jessica would like a certain things in their basement. "Commercial/Industrial" half bath, wet bar, pool hall and entertainment area. One of the rooms will be used as a gym until a few years done the road when Tom's parents move in. At this point the room will become a master suite with a walk in closet that connects to a Jack and Jill bathroom and a laundry room. Currently there is a finished bedroom (2nd room) downstairs, they want to extend the closet and have it connect to the Jack and Jill bathroom and laundry room. Then of course the storage/craft room and adding the vaulted door to the cold storage room. Here are some photo concept idea that can be used that myself and 3 other designers will present to Tom and Jessica.

I really like how the bar and the beverage center illuminate. 

I think that the additional ceiling textures just over the bar really complete the industrial wet bar look.

I think that Tom will love the look of corrugated steel either in his guest bath or along the pool table and to complete it make the opposite wall a warm like a deep orange.

The client stated that he likes hard materials for counter tops. I found this and it is actually timber that has been glazed with a really unique finish. I think this would be great in the bar area with stainless steel and glass elements surrounding it.

Nice layout for his wet bar.

I really like the two tiers on the counter. I think this makes the bar more unique.

I like the idea this picture has for the side of the bar with the stainless steel. I think this look would be better with painted glass and backlights.

Lighting underneath the cabinetry of course is a must. The color will vary according to what we pick out with the client.

Again I really like the ceiling over the bar itself.

Painted glass backsplash for the bar. 

I think this will be great for the pool table area. Create this cove lighting look and the lighting color can change according to the colors we choose for the room.

These lights will really complete the room hanging over the pool table.

This tile is great and I would like to incorporate into the guest bath or the entertainment area of the room.
Everything about this is perfect for the guest bath. We just need to add a urinal.

idea for the jack and jill bathroom. He just wants it homey with a separate room for shower and a separate room for toilet.

the lighting in here I think will be perfect for the transition between home gym and master suite.

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