Monday, January 7, 2013

Adding Sparkle to That Drab Apartment Kitchen

Every Apartment I move in to I just want to fix up and make it "mine". With apartments you obviously can't go crazy and try to renovate the whole place, so I have been thinking of some easy changes that you can make to make it seem like your home sweet home. One of the hardest things to try to fix up without completely changing is the kitchen. Instead of cooking in the drab apartment kitchen add some knobs to glam it up. You can exchange all the hardware on your cabinetry for hardware from Anthropology. This will add that sparkle and uniqueness that you would want in your own home. Anthropology knobs are always going on sale too! Which is great because it gets pretty pricey when you start adding it all up. You can also add wall decor such as artwork or even a fun clock. Another thing I saw on the Nate Berkus Show was adding fabric to your wall. Its like putting on wallpaper but with the fabric, when you are done using it you just peel if off and it doesn't hurt the paint. How great is that!


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  1. Those knobs are beautiful! What a great idea, to spruce up an apartment kitchen :)