Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I am 23! It seems like every year goes by quicker and quicker and I am not even old. Let me tell you a twenty things about myself so you can get to know me better.
1. I can spend hours in Target when I am just running in on a quick errand
2. I have been married to my husband Mike, for a year and a half
3. I have a puppy named Luna, no kids yet. I would say another 5 years until we do, in the meantime I have 2 nephews, 7 nieces and a new one coming in August!
4. I am scared of spiders! Not so much because of the spider itself but because I dread the sound I hear in my head when I squish them...yuck!
5. I love the Victoria's Secret Pink Collection but get upset when someone asks, "Why does your shirt say pink when it is blue" hahaha very funny.....not
6. I am obsessed with perfume, if only every bottle was not near $100!!!
7. My favorite foods are sushi, seafood and hot wings
8. My favorite magazine are People, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Teen Vogue and Better Homes and Gardens
9. I would die if I didn't have Dr. Pepper
10. No matter how hot it is at night I always have to have a blanket on me.
11. I am LDS and proud of it!
12. I love wearing colored pants!
13. The last book I read was the Hunger Games, I don't really get the whole Peeta thing....
14. I want to pick up photography and become a more well-rounded designer
15. I played lacrosse when I was in high school. I played offense because I'm a fast runner and goalie because I'm tough.
16. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers
17. When I am in the shower sometimes I have to peek out of the curtain to make sure no one is there...too many movies like "Psycho"
18. I am terrified of being in water (lake/ocean) by myself for fear of a shark coming to get me
19. I talk a lot in my sleep and occasionally throw pillows as well
20. I can make delicious meals with Ramen Noodles. You would have never even thought I used Ramen to make it ;)

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  1. I guess I know you really well, because no surprises. It's nice to read personal things on your blog. I loved it!!!