Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Stairs are such a great thing and really make it easy to move around from one floor to another. I think stairs can add a lot of beauty to the home. Why just have very plain stairs when you can put something in the space that adds your individualism. There are so many styles and ideas that you can apply to your staircases. Make your stairs something to be proud of. When people come into your home let that be the first thing they see and have them be wowed. You will be the envy of your guests. Most importantly just do what you want and love! I love stairs and want some very big open spacious floating stairs in my home.
love the guiding lights along the staircase

 fun tiles really make this staircase stand out
love the handrails

I would love this in my home :) beautiful and open!

great lines, my eye would jump to the stairs every time. I would love this in my home.

looks as if the tree is very tall, great illusion

these add a lot of character

beautiful stairs with the LED lights

this would be a lot of fun, unless you had some bad vertigo

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Those are some really cool pictures. I really love spiral staircases and the way they look. They just add a great sense of elegance and class.